Covid Procedures

You will receive a phone call before your appointment with our COVID-19 questionnaire. This will allow us to determine if you are healthy and able to keep your appointment. Only the patient being treated will be allowed in our waiting room.

During your time in our building, you will be required to:

  • wear a mask and sanitize your hands.
  • have your temperature taken.
  • sign a declaration stating you have taken a COVID-19 precautions at home and you are currently in good health.
  • you will then be escorted directly into an exam room
    Your payment will be taken over the phone prior to your visit. No payment will be processed in the office.

If a follow-up appointment is needed, you may schedule with the medical assistant in the room before you depart or we will call you when you return home.
Exam rooms will be sanitized according to CDC and AAD guidelines between appointments.

Covid Procedures